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Agile Transformation

47% of all agile transformations fail, while 77% of agile transformations are scrum. Ideas are easy, but execution is everything.


In today’s agile world, teams often equate the daily stand up as being agile. We haphazardly commit to the ceremonies and best practices of backlog grooming, and we often rush through sprint planning and user story estimating and we often volunteer our Scrum Masters into the role of Project Manager thereby robbing ours teams of autonomy.

  • Are you looking to implement Scrum?

  • Are you not seeing the benefits from your agile investment?

  • Are your teams struggling with stable velocities? 

  • Are milestones and predictability a challenge?

Work with an Agile coach to support you on your transformation


My name is Jim Apodaca and I’m an Agile coach and OKR strategist. I work with organizations to develop and implement digital transformation and change management

using OKRs and Agile methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban and SAFe. I work with teams to develop measurable outcomes and predictability by creating greater organizational alignment and better collaboration.

Services & Coaching

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A program designed to support organizations working with agile to include advanced topics:

  • Agile program health assessment

  • Best practices and agile maturity

  • Ceremonies and recurring planning

  • Release planning and continuous delivery



Services designed to develop and enrich agile teams and programs to include:

  • Backlog grooming and best practices

  • Estimating user stories and poker planning

  • Sprint planning and retrospectives 

  • QA and technical debt


Agile Implementation

A program designed to get organizations up and running with agile:

  • Team and organizational training

  • Implementation roadmap and release planning

  • Tools and agile progress monitoring

  • Implementation and kick off

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