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Training Services

Work with a coach to support you on your transformation

Training is often overlooked when organizations implement a change management framework like OKRs or Scrum. If your organization is considering OKRs or Scrum, then you’ve likely reached a point of scale where strategic execution is top of mind. But did you know that approximately 70% of all OKR implementations do not go as planned, furthermore approximately 47% of all agile transformations fail, and 77% of agile transformations are Scrum. 


Our training programs are designed with a holistic teaching approach, helping clients comprehend the connection between the OKR and Scrum framework, the impact of change management, and the importance of best practices for developing healthy autonomous teams and mature programs.  

Training Courses

OKR Training

Comprehensive courses designed to provide organizations with everything they need to run a successful OKR program, including:

  • Virtual training & workshops

  • OKRs for Leaders

  • OKRs for Coaches

  • OKRs for Teams

  • Advanced topics

  • Scaling OKRs

Agile Training

Courses designed to develop and enrich agile teams and programs, including:

  • Virtual training & workshops

  • Backlog grooming & best practices

  • Estimating & poker planning

  • Sprint planning & retrospectives 

  • Technical debt & QA maturity

  • Environments & product delivery

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