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The Power of Objectives and Key Results

If your organization is considering OKRs, then you’ve reached a point of scale where strategic execution is top of mind. But do you know that approximately 70% of all OKR implementations don't go as planned...

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Objectives & Key Results for Start-Ups

If your organization is considering OKRs, then you’ve reached a point of scale where strategic execution is top of mind. But do you know the best practices to implement your program successfully and are you aware of the common areas where most OKR programs fail? 


The Power of Objectives and Key Results

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Requirements and scope creep are areas where organizations and teams often struggle. Scope is often vague and teams are left guessing about the objective that needs to be delivered.

I take an outcomes based approach to working with teams. Todays environments often center around task completion as a  measure of progress, and by doing so we often overlook the outcomes that truly matter.



Ideas are easy, execution is everything. 


Only one third of companies always prepare a business case for new projects, and yet we wonder why projects fail. It’s hard to get where you’re going if you don’t know why you’re going in the first place.


I help teams develop strategy and execute by developing outcome based initiatives that align to organizational objectives. 

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Implementation is only half the battle. Teams that struggle to apply best practices often wonder why they are missing deadlines and requirements. Unfortunately we become quick to blame the methodology as ineffective when the truth is, best practices are often abandoned by teams for the sake of less meetings.

I work with teams to understand the value of repetition, coaching teams on OKRs and Agile best practices, developing  autonomous teams and maturing agile programs.



Levi King - Founder & Executive Chairman at Nav Inc.

Jim was an amazing contributor at Nav for almost 5 years. Projects and efforts he led over the time he spent at Nav had a positive impact company-wide, on customers, and partners. I had the opportunity to work closely with Jim for a couple of those years, including time on the executive team.


During that time he spearheaded our executive team meetings and offsite strategy sessions. He was promoted multiple times because he continued to take on new challenges successfully. He is very sharp, works super hard, and is willing to roll up his sleeves and do whatever it takes to make things and people successful. I highly recommend him both professionally and personally as he is also a great person just to spend time with talking about life

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