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With expertise in the areas of OKRs, Agile and Scrum; Apodaca Consulting can help you scale your Product Development program through the use of organizational and team OKRs, KPIs, and Scrum best practices.


Program Management - Seed round COVID-19 testing application product launch.

  • Product Development - Collaborated with engineering and leadership team to develop and launch MVP 

  • Product Owner - Collaborate with engineering and leadership to prioritize backlog based on customer need and product vision  

  • Project Management - Collaborated with offshore development to coordinate feature development and release timing

  • HIPAA Attestation - Project management of HIPAA attestation requirements, legal and compliance

  • Account Management - Account management with customers and third party partner laboratories


Program Management - Fintech Enterprise Development $7M LOB, B2B2C to include 128% year-over-year growth in revenue including 153% growth in subscription revenue and 106% growth in marketplace revenue for emerging products.

  • Funnel Analysis - Developed and maintained a percentage driven funnel matrix using multiple data sources, to include acquisition and revenue projections

  • Marketing - Collaborated with internal and external stakeholders to develop go-to-market strategy, targeted marketing including acquisition, marketplace and subscription campaigns

  • Product Development - Collaborated with product, engineering, business development, and third party partners to develop iterative roadmap based on customer research, funnel analysis and data insights

  • OKRs - Development and oversight of Enterprise OKRs based on funnel matrix to include monthly, quarterly, and annual acquisition and revenue goals

  • Account Management - Communications, reporting, relationship building, and collaboration with business development and partners to grow the Enterprise LOB

  • Roadmap and Release Planning - Developed roadmaps and release planning through recurring offsites, retrospectives and a Scrum SDLC best practices and ceremonies


Product Development - Product development for fortune 1000 eCommerce retailer to include 15% lift in drop shipment revenue and an improvement in shopping cart abandonment rate by 4.5% for speed to customer program.  

  • 3PL API Integrations - Carrier integration with 3PL partner APIs including FedEx and UPS to develop delivery estimation feature based on the sourcing location and delivery address for drop shipment partner SKUs

  • Project Management - Project management to include recuriring status updates to Executive leadership, internal and external stakeholders, risk mitigation, release planning and cross-functional coordination 

  • Marketplace Collaboration - Collaborated with drop shipment marketplace partners to identify targeted SKUs for speed to customer program

  • Product Owner - Liaison between product and engineering to include business and technical requirements management, UI/UX and change management 

  • Testing - A/B testing to measure speed to customer performance for targeted SKUs

  • Marketing - Worked with marketing to create targeted campaigns and advertising

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