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Startup Stack members receive up to 30% off group training or $5,000 of professional coaching.

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Work with a coach to support you on your agile transformation

Startup Stack members receive up to 30% off group training, or $5,000 off professional coaching towards the implementation of an OKR or Scrum program. 

Apodaca Consulting is a leading solutions provider in agile transformation and change management. Using OKRs and Scrum, we partner with organizations to develop healthy autonomous delivery teams and mature agile programs. We coach teams through the process of implementing and developing mature Scrum and OKR programs including training, change management, and working with leadership to develop a strategic roadmap and promote advocacy for agile adoption and successful change management. 


Services & Coaching


Startups receive a four-hour group training for only $3,500, that's 30% off the regular group training rate. We offer the following Scrum and OKR training programs:

  • Virtual training and workshops

  • OKRs and Scrum for Leaders

  • OKRs and Scrum for Coaches

  • OKRs and Scrum for Teams

  • Advanced topics

  • Scaling OKRs and Scrum programs


Startups receive up to $5,000 off two months of professional coaching towards either an OKR or Scrum program implementation, including: 

  • Strategy assessment

  • Virtual training and workshops

  • Framework theory and application

  • Program implementation readiness 

  • Tools, roles and planning 

  • Tracking, scoring and success metrics

  • Reflect and reset

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