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Objectives and Key Results

You’ve read the books and now you’re ready to implement OKRs.

But did you know that approximately 70% of all OKR implementations don’t go as planned and odds are your first attempt may not go as expected. 

OKRs seem straightforward and easy to implement, and many books oversimplify the framework and implementation, but you might be setting your organization up for disappointment if your implementation doesn't go well.

  • Are you looking to implement OKRs? 

  • Are you looking to improve on your current OKR program?

  • Are you looking to integrate OKRs into Scrum?


Work with an OKR coach to support you on your transformation


My name is Jim Apodaca and I’m an OKR coach and Agile strategist. I work with organizations to develop and implement digital transformation and change management using OKRs and Agile methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban and SAFe. I work with teams to develop measurable outcomes and predictability by creating better organizational alignment and collaboration.

Services & Coaching



A program designed to support organizations working with OKRs to include advanced topics:

  • Scaling OKRs

  • OKR tools and review processes

  • Recurring planning

  • OKRs and Scrum


Leadership Training

A program designed to get leaders up to speed on OKRs to include:

  • Virtual training

  • OKR fundamentals and overview

  • OKR best practices

  • Writing OKRs

  • Implementing and scoring OKRs


Implementation Readiness

​​A program designed to get organizations up and running with OKRs and ready for implementation

  • Everything included in leadership training

  • OKR implementation roadmap 

  • OKR tools and progress monitoring

  • OKR implementation & kick off

OKR Implementation

​​A program designed to support organizations implement and run OKRs to include:

  • Everything in implementation readiness

  • Implementation coaching and OKR maturity

  • OKR support, tools and progress monitoring

  • OKR recurring planning

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